1. Black Mulch
    Black Mulch
  2. Cedar Mulch
    Cedar Mulch
  3. Composted Pine Mulch
    Composted Pine Mulch
  4. Hemlock Mulch
    Hemlock Mulch
  5. Pine Mulch
    Pine Mulch
  6. Red Mulch
    Red Mulch
  7. Certified Playground Mulch
    Certified Playground Mulch
  8. Forest Mulch
    Forest Mulch
Landscaping Mulch
When mulch is applied to the surface of your garden, it carries a wide array of benefits such as: 
  • to conserve moisture
  • to improve the fertility and health of the soil
  • to reduce weed growth
  • to enhance visual appearance of an area
  • to provide seasonal insulating value 
  • has a minimal impact on soil pH
Mulch may be applied to bare soil or around existing plants. To make sure you benefit from your mulch, make sure it is at least 3 inches deep. Dyes used in red and black mulch will not be harmful to your plants, pets or children.
Mulches are sold by the cubic yard, half yard, or by the bag. Additionally we have switched from wood chips to Playground Certified Wood Mulch.