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Delivery FAQs
Is Hard-Co open to the public?
Yes; Hard-Co is open to both the public and contractors. Come in to see our wide variety of products and displays.
Can someone at Hard-Co help with the planning of my landscaping project?
Yes; visit Hard-Co's Thickson Road office with a drawing including measurements (heights, widths, lengths, etc.) and one of the knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to help calculate material quantities. You can also visit our calculations page for help.
Can I pick up material from your yard instead of having it delivered?
Yes, both the public and contractors may pick up from our yard during our regular business hours. If you want to pick up bulk materials (purchased by the yard or half yard) there are limitations to what we will load. We must be able to load your truck or trailer with our loader, from the top. Unfortunately, if your truck has a cap we will not be able to load you with bulk materials. We are also unable to load yards or half yards into cars, vans and suv's. Please note: Any trucks or trailers being loaded must be safe and meet MTO standards. Please bring a tarp to cover your load before leaving our yard.
Can I pick up small quantities from your yard?
Yes, Products can be purchased by the half yard, cubic yard, or in pre-bagged units. The product is already bagged and sealed for you! No shoveling required, they are ready for you to pick up at your convenience.  
Does Hard-Co provide an installation service?
Hard-Co Sand and Gravel only supplies the materials necessary for your landscape project. If you need assistance with installation we can refer you to a reliable contractor.  
Does Hard-Co provide a service for cutting and drilling interlock and stone?
Yes, we can both cut and drill holes into interlock and many natural stones. Please call our office for details and pricing.
Is Hard-Co open year-round?
Yes! In the winter months we sell salt to both contractors and the public. We sell a variety of winter products in both bulk and by the bag. During a winter storm we are open 24 hours! Call our Salt Hotline (905) 655-9954.