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Delivery FAQs
Can you dump on my driveway?
Yes, we can. We can also simply dump on the apron of the drive if you prefer. Generally speaking, we pull on thousands of driveways per year with no complications. Rarely, a driveway has cracked. Our trucks weigh at least 10,000 pounds empty. Depending on what you are ordering, a fully loaded truck could weigh over 30,000 pounds. The construction of your drive is the main factor in determining if it can hold that kind of weight. We cannot be responsible for any driveway damage due to delivering material as instructed by you. 
Can you dump where I want?
Yes and no. We try to dump your bulk material where you’d like it. However, we cannot pull off of a paved or gravel driveway onto your lawn. Our trucks are heavy and not designed to operate off-road. We also cannot dump on or drive over property that you do not own, i.e. city sidewalks, your neighbor’s driveway, without written permission from the owner of the property. 
Can you deliver a pallet of stone and how do you do that?
Palletized stone is delivered on a flat bed trailer with a machine that is capable of moving and placing the stone where you would like to have it. This service is available for an additional charge above the normal delivery charge. Please ask for further details. 
What if I want to purchase a pallet of stone and can't have you deliver it?
Palletized stone may be marked as sold and placed into a holding area within our yard for you to pick it up at your convenience. More than once our customers have placed small amounts of stone into their vehicles and hauled it home at their own pace. This may take several trips, but it may save you money in the long run. 
Can I have two products delivered at the same time?
Yes; Hard-Co has a fleet of trucks that includes "split trucks". Split trucks can carry two different products for one delivery charge. If you are interested in purchasing interlock or large natural stone, Hard-Co has one yard "bulk bags" that can be delivered. This means you can get both interlock and bulk product delivered at the same time, which is another great way to save you money! 
How much product can a Hard-Co truck carry?
Tri-axles can carry up to 25 cubic yards of soil/mulch or 18 cubic yards of aggregate in a single load. Hard-Co's split trucks can carry approximately 8 cubic yards of material on each side, depending on the weight of the particular material. 
Is there a minimum order quanitity for delivery?
There is no minimum order for our delivery. Instead, all deliveries are charged as a flat rate.
How long does it take to receive my order after it has been placed?
Usually orders are sent out in dump trucks on the same day or the next day. Flat bed deliveries are typically just as fast, dependent on the required product being in-stock.